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Field Editor Guidelines

Qualities of a Field Editor

Passion for the Country brand.

Friends must be regular readers and believe in our magazine and what it stands for—sharing stories with readers who connect with the beauty and wonders of America.

Mutual respect.

Field Editors are the best representation of what makes our magazine so great, so they need to be respectful of the guidelines and each other.

Willingness to spread the word.

Our Field Editors inspire us with the pictures and stories they share, and we need them to help us introduce Country magazine to more readers like them.

Open dialogue and communication.

We count on our Field Editors to let us know what we are doing right and what we can do to make a better magazine experience.

What we ask of Volunteer Field Editors

Submit three different ideas each year. They could be:

  • Short, true personal essays about
    road trips or rural travels throughout the U.S.
  • Original images entered into one of our photo contests
  • Tips or leads about U.S. scenic drives, small towns, traveling with pets, hidden gems, places that matter, traveling with a purpose, unique or historic destinations
  • Original photo images of country life and the beauty of America

Be an active participant in the private Country Field Editors Facebook group. Make new connections with other Field Editors who share the same passion for exploring America.

Act as an ambassador for the brand by showing off your favorite features from our magazines, books and other products to friends, family members and others you meet.

Share at least one Country Facebook post per month to your own social media accounts.

Provide a recent high-resolution headshot and outdoor/lifestyle photo of yourself of at least 1MB.

“Follow” us on Facebook and Instagram.

As a thank-you for your time…


If you are selected to be a volunteer Field Editor, we’ll offer you:
  • A free subscription to Country magazine.
  • Occasional books and other products as they are available.
  • Our enthusiastic thanks—we love our Field Editors.

DISCLAIMER: These benefits are subject to change without notice.