Country Life Stories

Short stories celebrating the best parts of country life including beloved family traditions, neighbors helping neighbors and the wonderful feeling of an honest day’s work.

Growing Chestnuts in Michigan

September 24, 2014

These Michigan producers have been growing chestnuts for nearly two decades.

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Old Family Recipe for Mustard Pickles Brings Joy

September 17, 2014

Mother and daughter relish the rebirth of a treasured old family recipe.

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Chris Ramsey’s Wooden Hats

August 29, 2014

Wooden hats aren’t the only thing this talented wood turner makes.

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Once a Cowboy, Always a Cowboy

August 27, 2014

He’s a farmer now, but he’s always a cowboy at heart.

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Life on a Farm is the Same in any Country

August 26, 2014

They moved to Africa and found life on a farm strikingly similar to the states.

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Heirloom Apple Cider

August 15, 2014

Whether fresh off the branch or pressed into cider, an heirloom apple is a treat!

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Husband’s Hat is His Favorite Possession

July 28, 2014

Her husband’s favorite possession, an old hat, doubles as a fire starter or cheese plate.

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This Pair is Feeling Young at Heart

July 24, 2014

Feeling young at heart, a man and his mare instigate a full-gallop race.

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Life Out West is a Dream Come True

July 24, 2014

From the Midwest to life out west, this family couldn’t be happier with their move.

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Growing Wheat for Bread

July 22, 2014

Take “made from scratch” to another level by growing wheat for bread.

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