Short Stories

Short stories that will make you laugh, make you cry and, most of all, that celebrate all of the best parts of living life in the country.

Our Personal Search Engine

Long before computers and Google, our small-town library relied on the DeRemer Decimal System.

He Was My Shy Guy

I picked the love of my life in the cotton fields of North Carolina.

Garden Joke at Harvest Time Gives Neighbors a Laugh

This garden joke played out with a case of mistaken vegetable identity.

Short Stories By Theme

Animal Stories

Childhood Pet

From cows to country pets, animals are an important part of country life (and the country family). To celebrate, we've curated some of our favorite animal short stories just for you.

Country Life Stories

History Lessons in a One-Room Schoolhouse | Country Life Stories | Country Magazine

Short stories celebrating the best parts of country life including beloved family traditions, neighbors helping neighbors and the wonderful feeling of an honest day's work.

Funny Stories

Last Laugh: Mission Im-possum-ble | Funny Stories | Country Magazine

Short stories to make you laugh and humorous tales of country people, animals and life on the farm sent in by our readers.

Inspirational Stories

This farmer in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley is doing the kind of work the author’s dad always loved best.

Inspirational stories celebrating the life lessons and favorites memories that come with living life in the country.

Nostalgia Stories

Making kraut was serious business for Barbara’s mom, Cecelia Karas (here with a truckload of cabbages).

Nostalgia stories capturing favorite memories, family traditions and life lessons from the country.

Restoration Stories

Cabin Restoration

Short stories celebrating the restoration and repair of family heirlooms, antiques and the joy that comes from making the old, new again.