Camping in Ontario

Camping trip to the northeast corner of Lake Superior in Ontario provides complete serenity.

Camping in Ontario

Camping in Ontario

Camping in Ontario - Complete relaxation

Camping in Ontario

Camping in Ontario

Camping in Ontario - Sherry and Russ

Camping in Ontario

Camping in Ontario

Camping in Ontario - Remote and scenic

Camping in Ontario

Camping in Ontario

Camping in Ontario - Scenic views

    Story and photography By Sherry Krueger
    Nashotah, Wisconsin

    When my friend Russ asked me to fly to Camp Anjigami, Ontario for the adventure of a lifetime, it took me a microsecond to answer.

    “Ummm, yes!” I said.

    I had never been camping on this remote paradise on the northeast corner of Lake Superior in Ontario. Flying there in a seaplane was an exciting idea. And the thought of being surrounded by chains of lakes, endless miles of nature and no cars was serene and inviting.

    I began preparing my senses for a camping vacation without technology: no cell phone, television, electricity—not even Morse code. The thought of being at least an hour’s flight away from the nearest town with a hospital or a convenience store felt refreshingly scary. In my head, I was already kicking back in a rocking chair.

    Like landing in a canoe at 60 mph

    Russ brought the plane down on for a flawless water landing on Anjigami Lake. To hear and feel the belly of the plane touch the water was like being in an enclosed metal canoe at 60 mph. We taxied to the beach, hopped out into the water, tied the plane to a post and greeted our hostess.

    The main camp consists of the main house, several beautiful guest cabins, a dining cabin with a full kitchen and a million-dollar view, an activity cabin for games, a barn, Craig’s workshop, a nice pier with kayaks and canoes, and plenty of room for camping. Guests who don’t want to fly in can drive or take the scenic Algoma Central Railway.

    Russ and I planned to spend a couple of days camping at the main lodge on Anjigami Lake and then fly to one of Craig and Linda’s five remote cabins.

    Nature and her beauty

    A seaplane and floatplane fly-in was going on that weekend at the camp’s headquarters. People came from Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida, Switzerland and the local area. The bay was their parking lot. Planes were tied to piers, posts, volleyball nets—if it didn’t move, there was a plane tied to it.

    At camp we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and fish fry prepared by the neighbors and supervised by Linda. After dinner, the group met in the activity cabin for a real treat: local musicians, guitars tin hand, all with really great voices. The band played all night, with Russ singing along to nearly every song.

    We spent our last morning there getting ready for our next adventure, the cabin on Fulcher Lake. We packed food, clothes, a 5-gallon gas tank and a nine-horsepower engine into the plane. We landed in the middle of Fulcher Lake and slowly made our way to the cabin, which was a little place with only the basics: refrigerator, stove, oven, table, dishwasher (just kidding), composting toilet (not kidding), grill, boat, oars, life vests and so on.

    Linda and Craig had somehow managed to get boats to the remote locations so we could portage from one lake to another. Once we unloaded all our things from the plane and carried them to the cabin, Russ attached the engine to one of the aluminum boats. We slowly cruised along the rocky shoreline. Now and then the loons called out, and we heard the rustle of the trees and a moose grunting. Other than that it was perfectly silent, and the silence was wonderful.

    I could have stayed for a while, camping, climbing rocks and listening to the loons, but we had another lake to get to. Russ followed the map to a leg of the lake that led into a river. We had a grand time on the next lake, too. The week was perfect. I would recommend this once-in-a-lifetime adventure to anybody—especially those who are looking to go camping and be one with nature and her beauty.

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