Cowboys Photo Gallery

Cowboys still work the open ranges of the Old West, preferring the open horizon to an office.

Photo of older Cowboy seated.


Cowboy John Stucki sits deep in thought on a lunch break during a fall roundup. Photography by Robyn Hulme

Photo of a young boy with a cowboy hat leaning in a doorway


“After a busy day, my grandson Kenny looks like he’s ready to hit the sack early,” explains Joyce Shaw. “He’s a real trooper.”

Photo of a cowboy riding at sunrise.


Morning mist shrouds this cowboy moving the herd before sunrise. Photography by Renee Nuxoll

Photo of a cowboy roping a calf.


A cowboy doesn’t let a calf get away that easy. Michael Gilman of Thompson, Missouri, show ‘em how it’s done at a rodeo. Photography by Julie McDow

Photo of a cowboy on horseback.


A cowboy and his horse must work perfectly together to get the job done. Photography by Cindy Pearson

Photo of cowgirl jumping on a horse.


Jennie leaps onto her horse during the goat-tying competition at a rodeo in Springfield, Illinois. Photography by Audry Luthy

Photo of a cowboy resting.


Even cowboys need a little nap every once in a while. Clarence “Monk” Dawson of New Castle, Colorado, was caught by a friend using his burro, Punky, as a pillow.

Photo of a cowboy climbing into the saddle.


Cody, a cowboy in training, has a tough time getting in the saddle, but once he’s there he rides like a pro. Photography by Jean Avery

Photo of cowboy holding his infant son.


Cowboy Buck Johnson protects his 6-week-old son from the cold. “It warms my heart to see how much this cowboy loves his baby boy,” writes Janet Turner.

    Cowboys have captured our imaginations since the good old days of the Wild West. Today, cowboys continue to work in the Sierras, Rocky Mountains and Great Plains or wherever else ranchers need them.

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