Funny Kids Photo Gallery

The funny kids in this photography slideshow are sure to bring a smile to your face and make you laugh.

Funny Kids Ashlyn and Colten

Funny Kids Photography

This brother and sister team, my grandchildren Ashlyn and Colten, are always playing and acting silly. Photography by Martha Ahrens.

This funny kid makes great faces while shucking sweet corn.

Funny Kids Photography

Our farm boy Isaiah loves sweet corn, so he was happy to help daddy shuck the ears. Photography by Sarah Fuerstenau.

Farm girl cries in sunflower field.

Funny Kids Photography

Maybe she prefers roses to sunflowers? My niece Paris isn’t a country girl yet, and it showed on her face during a visit to a friend’s sunflower field. Photography by Kathy Mathias.

Kid makes funny face after first taste of rhubarb.

Funny Kids Photography

Eugene isn’t a picky eater, but he wasn’t too sure about this new food called rhubarb. Photography by Brenda VanHorn.

Little girl goes camping and waits for a pony ride.

Funny Kids Photography

While camping in Michigan at Ionia State Park, my great-niece Abigail waited patiently for a pony ride. Photography by Cathy Ralph.

A little kid pouting in a funny photo.

Funny Kids Photography

Little buckaroo Cooper, my friend’s nephew, was pouting and I snapped this cute picture. Photography by Miriam McCutcheon.

Farm boys play on a tractor.

Funny Kids Photography

Our farm boys, Trenten, Clayton and Jayden, love tractors and enjoy playing around their great-grandpa’s barn. Photography by Martha Ahrens.

Funny baby photo at the farm.

Funny Kids Photography

"Believe it or not, this is Rachel's happy face. She loved seeing the farm animals and tractors at my mom’s place in the country," says Michele McMinn.


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