Country Animals: Cow Pictures

Fun cow pictures capture life in the country. See these adorable cows living life on the farm.

Cow Pictures

Heifers and hay

“This bunch of happy heifers was enjoying home-grown hay on my brother’s ranch.” Photo by Amy Yoder.

Cow Pictures


I spotted this baby calf trying to get every drop of tasty milk. Photo by Cindy Halluin.

Cow Pictures

Funny faces

“Our silly calves love to stick their tongues out at us.” Photo by Tess Van Duine.

Cow Pictures

Farm reflection

“I enjoy taking country photography on my family’s farm, and I got this lovely picture of cows by the pond.” Photo by Katie Smith.

Cow Pictures

Who's that cow?

“Quessy is a Holstein and Brown Swiss cross heifer calf. The marking on her face is very unique.” Photo by Renee Wirtz.

Cow Pictures

Thirsty cows

“We have a dairy farm in Missouri, and I spotted these cows catching up on farm life around the water cooler.” Photo by Breauna Krider.

Cow Pictures

Top of the herd

“One day when we went out to check on our farm animals, we found a calf that looked like he was standing above the rest of the herd, looking for greener pastures.” Photo by Dave and Rhonda Skillman.

Cow Pictures

Calf nap

“This cute calf got up to eat, and then went right back to the hay pile for his nap.” Photo by Jamie Edwards.

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