Photography of scenic landscapes, animals and country people sent in by professional photographers and Country readers like you.

California Shoreline Land Now Protected

Grassroots efforts add inland wonders of the California shoreline to already-protected coast.

Trip to Rhode Island

You will probably want to plan more than one trip to Rhode Island.

Water Landscapes

From scenic waterfalls to rivers, lakes and streams, enjoy unmatched beauty in this slideshow of water-filled landscape photography.

Photo Collections


Kids playing on the farm.

Photo galleries featuring our favorite baby photos and kid photos of country kids playing, working and living life on the farm.

Good Neighbors Blog

Cat Wants to Play

From quirky extras that didn't make it into the magazine to behind the scenes looks into the making of Country - we've curated photos and stories we think you'll enjoy. Won't you be our neighbor?


Wyoming Ranching

God's Country truly shines in these photo galleries of covered bridges, wildflowers, barns, country churches, magnificent landscapes and more.


Barn Pictures: New England Barns

Photo galleries of barns from around the country - celebrating the iconic role barns play in the landscapes of country culture.


Photo of a cowboy riding at sunrise.

Photo galleries of country people living their lives. From farmers and cowboys to the Amish, we're sharing some of our favorite photos sent in by readers like you.