Photography of scenic landscapes, animals and country people sent in by professional photographers and Country readers like you.

Hoarfrost Jewels In The Sun

Ordinary winter mornings turn into extraordinary events with the appearance of hoarfrost on windowpanes, branches and farm fences.

Scenic Barns in Winter

Set against crisp blue skies and snow-covered pastures, these scenic barns in winter are a sight to behold.

Winter Photos

A mantle of snow casts the countryside in a beautiful new light.

Photo Collections


Beauty of Horses

Photography slideshows of our favorite country animals including reader-submitted cow pictures, pictures of dogs, horse pictures, baby animals and more.


Trees in Nature: Shelterbelt along a Manitoba canola field

God's Country truly shines in these photo galleries of covered bridges, wildflowers, barns, country churches, magnificent landscapes and more.


Big red barn in Knox County, Illinois.

Photo galleries of barns from around the country - celebrating the iconic role barns play in the landscapes of country culture.


Photo of a cowboy riding at sunrise.

Photo galleries of country people living their lives. From farmers and cowboys to the Amish, we're sharing some of our favorite photos sent in by readers like you.