Photography of scenic landscapes, animals and country people sent in by professional photographers and Country readers like you.

Scenic Prairie Tapestries

America’s farmers turn scenic prairies into living masterpieces with techniques like contour farming and strip cropping.

Photography of Wildflowers

Wildflowers are a welcome sign that spring has arrived in the Country. Our readers eagerly rush out with their cameras to photograph this phenomenon.

Mills: Landscape Photography

Mills powered by water still stand today as graceful reminders of the past. Our readers share photography of mills amidst scenic country landscapes.

Photo Collections


"I caught this great shot of my daughter Rachel reading to her Holstein in the cattle barn at the county fair," explains Kimberly Rouland.

Photo galleries featuring our favorite baby photos and kid photos of country kids playing, working and living life on the farm.


Aww-dorable Baby Animals

Photography slideshows of our favorite country animals including reader-submitted cow pictures, pictures of dogs, horse pictures, baby animals and more.


"I took this picture while driving around and enjoying the bluebonnets during wildflower season," says Rob Greebon. "These grazing horses were kind enough to pose for me."

God's Country truly shines in these photo galleries of covered bridges, wildflowers, barns, country churches, magnificent landscapes and more.


Beautiful Barns

Photo galleries of barns from around the country - celebrating the iconic role barns play in the landscapes of country culture.


Photo of a farmer picking peaches in his orchard.

Photo galleries of country people living their lives. From farmers and cowboys to the Amish, we're sharing some of our favorite photos sent in by readers like you.