World’s cutest pig?

Isabelli vs. Hamlet

World's Cutest Pig?

Isabelli the potbelly pig

Nibbling sunflowers helps Isabelli maintain her girlish figure.


I hope you’re enjoying our new website as much as we are. We’ve always wished we could use even more of the cute/touching/funny animal photos our readers send us, so now we’re in hog heaven.

Speaking of which, can you imagine a cuter pig than Isabelli (above), who’s happily snarfing down Karen Presnell’s sunflowers in Sparta, North Carolina? “Don’t you just love the innocent look on her face?” Karen asks. But wait! Before you decide, check out Hamlet the mini pig on his first trip downstairs in this hilarious, heart-melting video.

If you can’t decide which is cuter, you can join me in calling it a perfectly adorable draw. And then share a link to your favorite animal video by emailing us at

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