Country Heart & Soul – You wrote a book!

Country gathered your best stories from the past 25 years and made them more beautiful than ever.

Oh hello!

Country Heart & Soul - You wrote a book!

Oh hello there! A few members of our editorial team celebrating the anniversary with cupcakes - (L to R) Lorie West, Scott Schiller, Jamieson Krampf and Robin Hoffman.

Country magazine celebrates 25th anniversary

Country Heart & Soul - You wrote a book!

Country magazine celebrates 25th anniversary with release of Country Heart & Soul!

    The folks around the Country offices have been pretty excited as of late. Not only because we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary year, but also because we’re pleased as punch about the release of our new book, Country Heart & Soul.

    An amazing collection of the most heartwarming, wise, inspirational and funny reader-written stories of the last 25 years, this new 160-page keepsake book is a fitting tribute to Country magazine’s trailblazing community of readers. We are very proud of Country Heart & Soul, and you should be, too.

    The book’s title reflects the passion you put into everything you send to us. I should know; I read through 150 issues of Country and 126 issues of Country Extra—about 18,800 pages—to find the best of the best.

    To put the book together, the Country staff narrowed the best stories down to those that made us laugh or cry no matter how many times we read them. My personal favorite is about Duke, an old draft horse that saved a mare in foal that had fallen through a frozen pond. Every time I read it, I reach for my box of Kleenex. Every time.

    Once we’d selected the stories, Country Art Director Scott Schiller began sifting through thousands of jaw-dropping photos. As you know, we work with some of the finest photographers in America, and Scott searched and searched to find the perfect pictures for each story and each season. Turn the pages of Country Heart & Soul, and the photos will whisk you up and take you on the same deeply emotional journey the stories do.

    So, yes, we are proud of Country Heart & Soul. But more than that, we’re proud that you chose to share a part of your lives with us.

    Here are some excerpts from the book:

    Country Heart & Soul – Excerpt 1

    Country Heart & Soul – Excerpt 2


    Click here to order a copy online or call 800-880–3012

    Lynda Stawowy January 17, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    Will you be printing any more copies of Country Heart & Soul? I am so very disappointed that there are no more copies available.


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