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Visiting Flagstaff: Best of Arizona

Visiting Flagstaff: Best of Arizona

Visiting Flagstaff: Best of Arizona

Courtesy of the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau

Visiting Flagstaff: Best of Arizona

Visiting Flagstaff: Best of Arizona

Courtesy of the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau

Visiting Flagstaff: Best of Arizona

Visiting Flagstaff: Best of Arizona

Courtesy of the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau

    By Marija Andric

    As a kid growing up in the Arizona desert, I always looked forward to a family outing to Flagstaff. There, high upon the Colorado Plateau, aspen trees lined the roads, leaves actually changed color in the fall and the Grand Canyon was an hour away.

    Now that I’m all grown up, I love Flagstaff (or “Flag” as the locals call it) because it’s low key and relaxed. And, it’s a place where natural beauty meets nostalgia. Route 66 runs right through town, and there is a piece of history everywhere you look. Here are some of my favorite spots to visit:

    1. The Museum Club. Located on historic Route 66, the Museum Club looks more like a taxidermist’s cabin than roadhouse. In fact, it was built to be the biggest log cabin in Arizona. Waylon Jennings, Barbara Mandrell and Willie Nelson are a few of the country music legends who have performed there. Today you can catch performances from up and coming stars. Go to for more info.
    2. Hotel Monte Vista. Built in 1926 on the corner of Aspen and San Francisco streets, the hotel was the place to be seen in the 1920s and ’30s. The historic hotel has a vibrant coffee shop where you can people watch. Go to for more info.
    3. Downtown. Shopping in historic downtown Flagstaff is a welcome break from the mall. There are plenty of locally-owned businesses within walking distance from each other.
    4. Sweet Shoppe Candy. A little fudge goes a long way after an afternoon of exploring. The shop is full of treats. Go to for more info.

    Special thanks to the Flagstaff Convention & Visitors Bureau for sharing some of their great photos with us!

    Friday Funny Photography: Cat-Lamb Cuddlin’

    Friday Funny Photography: Cat-Lamb Cuddlin'

    Our Country Friday Funny Photography snapshot for November 28, 2014 was sent to us by Pamela Weston of Perth, Ontario. When lambs are born on cold nights and spend the night in a wood basket by the woodstove, Pedro the Cat climbs in and cleans them. Once they’re older, Pedro plays with them. You know these two are going to be best friends—nothing says ‘you’re my buddy’ like using your pal for a footrest.

    Friday Funny Photography: What’s Cute With 8 Hooves?

    Friday Funny Photography: What's Cute With 8 Hooves?

    Our Country Friday Funny Photography snapshot for November 21, 2014 was sent to us by Tamara Cook of Boise, Idaho. She wrote, “This is my horse, Maximus. He is 17.1 hands tall. My baby goat, Piper, started riding him on her own when she was three months old. She jumps onto an old  stump, and Max walks over and she jumps on him. She rides him all over the pasture. Max loves her. Piper is half feinting goat and half Nubian. I have never seen her faint yet, but if she ever does, it will be a long fall!”

    Who wants Tamara to film this? (Two hands up here!)



    Dec./Jan. 2015 Country



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    As always, we’re happy to offer our online readers a few of our favorite stories from the current issue. Let us know which ones you enjoy the most!

    Wild Horses in Colorado

    Beauty of Canada’s Rocky Mountains

    Ralph Proved Dogs and Their Owners Form a Special Bond

    Neighbors Helped Neighbors at This Small-Town Store

    Sheep’s Starring Role in Live Nativity 

    Boy Was Bursting With Song and Childhood Joy


    Recommendations of What to do in Canadian Rockies

    Recommendations of What to do in Canadian Rockies

    Recommendations of What to do in Canadian Rockies


    Photo and List By Mike Grandmaison

    TO PLAY:
    Alpine Skiing / Snowboarding:
    Marmot Basin in Jasper National Park
    Lake Louise in Banff National Park
    Sunshine Village in Banff National Park
    Mount Norquay in Banff National Park
    Panorama Mountain Village in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia
    Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, British Columbia
    Cross Country Skiing Tours in Jasper National Park

    Ice Walks:
    Assisted by professional guides, you can hike the along walls of Johnston Canyon near Banff, the cascading icefalls of Jasper’s Maligne Canyon or explore the Grotto Canyon in Canmore.

    Waterfall Ice Climbing:
    A select number of waterfalls have been identified for ice climbing. A couple of books about the subject include: “Waterfall Ice: Climbs in the Canadian Rockies” by Joe Josephson and “Ice Lines – Select Waterfalls of the Canadian Rockies” by Brent Peters.

    Hot Springs:
    Banff Hot Springs (Banff National Park)
    Radium Hot Springs (Kootenay National Park) – my personal favorite
    Miette Hot Springs (Jasper National Park) – closed for the winter
    There are also Dog Sled Tours, Snowmobile Tours, ATV Tours, Cave Tours, Snowshoe Tours.

    B) TO EAT
    Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
    Afternoon Tea with spectacular views of Lake Louise and the Victoria Glacier.
    Bear’s Paw Bakery in Jasper National Park for cinnamon buns & coffee and European-style specialty pastries. This is my first stop before the sunrise shoot!
    Japanese Restaurant Miki in Banff National Park for a nice dinner

    C) TO STAY
    Banff Boundary Lodge near the entrance to Banff National Park
    Spacious, comfortable stay at fair prices. I have stayed here on numerous occasions.
    Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. I spent a few days here on a couple of occasions while leading a photo workshop. I was impressed with the lakeside cabins as well as the incredible food we were offered!

    Read Mike’s story about photographing the Canadian Rockies!