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Q:  How do I contact Customer Care? I have a question about my subscription.

A:  Contact Customer Care online, call 888-861-1265 or email customercare@country-magazine.com for inquiries about subscriptions, renewals, information changes, payments or other account information.

Q:  What is Country EXTRA?

A:  Country Extra gives you everything you love about Country…and a whole lot more! It arrives on the off-months of Country and contains an extra helping of photos, heartwarming stories and rural memories. Country Extra requires a separate subscription, though. Subscribe today!

Q:  I just sent in my payment. Why am I still getting subscription reminders in the mail?

A:  We apologize if you’re getting extra reminders of your subscription expiring. If you have additional questions, please contact Customer Care.

Q:  Where can I purchase a single issue, or a back issue?

A:  Country and Country Extra are not sold on newsstands, but you can purchase single issues while supplies last by calling Customer Care at 888-861-1265.

Q:  My magazine is late. What should I do?

A:  Magazines arrive at different times, and it’s possible that you could receive yours up to two weeks later than a friend. If your magazine is consistently late, it’s usually a post office issue, so check with your local office. If you believe it’s something on our end, please contact Customer Care.

Q:  I would like old magazines for my school, church or community group. Can you help?

A:  Unfortunately, we don’t have a large backlog supply of magazines, so we are unable to accommodate these requests.

Q:  I have back issues of Country I have collected over the years. Can I send them to you?

A:  We simply don’t have the staff to handle redistributing magazines. However, you may consider donating them to your local nursing home, community center, school or hospital. (We recommend calling before you drop in.) Another option is donating them to an organization that sends care packages to American soldiers overseas. It’s a great way to bring a little bit of home to our servicemen and women.

Q:  I saw a photo in Country and would like a copy. Can I get one?

A:  We obtain rights for Country‘s use of photographs, but not to give out copies, prints or digital files of these photos. If the image in question is a professional photo, you might locate the name of photographer in the credit line, sometimes found in small vertical print along the center fold of the magazine, and try an internet search to find their website or agency.

Q:  I saw a photo in Country and would like permission to use it in a project? Can you give me permission?

A:  We obtain rights for Country‘s use of photographs, and do not have the authority to grant permission for others to use them. If the image in question is a professional photo, you might locate the name of photographer in the credit line, sometimes found in small vertical print along the center fold of the magazine. Do an internet search for their website or agency, and you may find that by contacting them directly, they are willing to sell you a print.

Q:  I’m looking for a story from an old issue of Country. Can you help?

A:  We hope you can find the story on our ever-expanding website. We sincerely wish we had the resources to track older stories down. We also suggest going to the Country Facebook page.

Q:  Can you help me locate a recipe from a past issue of Country?

A:  We share all of our recipes with our sister publication Taste of Home, so simply search their website, tasteofhome.com.  For the Pioneer Bread, or Salt-Rising Bread, recipe featured on page 41 of the December/January 2006 issue, click here.

Q:  I read an article and would like to contact the author. Could you send me his or her address?

A:  Sorry, but we’re unable to give out contributors’ addresses.

Q:  What happened to the real estate listings on your website?

A:  LandWatch real estate listings are no longer part of the Country magazine website, but feel free to visit their page directly: www.landwatch.com.



Q:  What are your submission guidelines? Or, what do I need to know to send in a picture or story?

A:  Please visit our Submissions Guidelines page to learn how to share stories, photos, jokes and more with Country.

Q:  I submitted a story or photos a while back, but I haven’t heard anything. Why?

A:  We get hundreds of pieces of mail each week, and although we wish we could respond personally, it’s just not possible because we have a very small staff. We do read each piece of mail and everything—published or not—contributes toward making Country the unique reading experience it is.

We plan our magazine far in advance, so we often keep material on file for several months. If your submission is seasonal, we may keep it to consider for the appropriate issue next year. We do evaluate every submission very carefully. But unfortunately, there isn’t enough space in the magazine to print and share all of them with our readers.

Q:  I submitted my photo for publication in the print magazine, and now I see it on your Facebook page, or on your website. Does this mean it was also printed in the magazine? 

A:  Sharing photos and stories is what we’re about, and social media—Facebook, our website, Pinterest, Google+— gives us an opportunity to share even more! Some of the stories from our magazine are shared on our website, but oftentimes, we use material we could not otherwise use in the magazine. For example, if contact information is missing from a submission, so that we could not mail out an advance copy of the magazine and any garnered gift, we still could share that submission via social media. Digital photo files that have low resolution, and thus will not print clearly in the magazine, also may appear only in our social media.

(Remember, digital photos must be 1200×1800 pixels, or a file size of about 1 MB or larger, to print clearly in our magazine at 4×6 inches in size. For full information, please read our Submission Guidelines.)

Q:  I have a comment, not a story. How should I send it?

A:  Email us at feedback@country-magazine.com, or mail your comment to Country magazine, 1610 North 2nd Street, Suite 102, Milwaukee, WI 53212.

Q:  Could you tell me what a recent “Can You Help Me?” mystery object was?

A:  When a reader writes in to tell us about the answers and responses they received from fellow readers about their mystery object, we publish their experience on our mailbox page. (We recommend waiting about 6 months after the magazine comes out, as not all readers respond right away.) Unfortunately, we can only publish answers from those who respond. If you have a mystery object for us to print, indicate on your submission if you will be able to give a follow-up report of the experience. Not only will you receive a gift, a hand-forged dinner triangle, if your follow-up is printed, but you have greater chances of having your inquiry published.

Q:  My question was published in “Can You Help Me?” and I want to share the answer with readers. What’s the best way to do that?

A:  Give some time for responses to come in, six months is a good timeframe. Then please take a moment to tell us not only what your mystery object is, or the answer to your question, but also share about your experience. For example, did you learn anything about the object besides what it is? What kind of responses did you receive, about how many, and what were some of the guesses people had? Feel free to share any interesting tidbits as well as to offer thanks to the folks who helped you.

If we share your “Can You Help Me?” answer and experience in the magazine, you’ll receive a hand-forged iron dinner triangle as a thank-you gift.

Q:  I am a professional photographer and would like to submit photos for publication. How do I do that?

A:  Professional photographers wishing to share a photo for the enjoyment of sharing should selectively send photos in single submissions. File size should be 1-2 MB, and please include information about the photo, such as where and when you took it, why the scene caught your eye, a humorous or unusual story behind it, and any other information that would help us write about it.

Professional photographers seeking paid compensation for their photographs should email a link or lightbox of your best photos to submissions@country-magazine.com.

Q:  If I send you a story, does that mean I no longer own it?

A:  By sending us a story, photo, etc., you simply give us permission to use it. We may use it in our magazine, on our blog, on our Facebook page, maybe even in an upcoming book, as was the case with Country Heart & Soul, in which we presented a selection of heartwarming reader stories from the past 25 years. Here is the official policy, in legalese and all:

By submitting material for publication, you grant RDA Enthusiast Brands, LLC, its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners and licensees use of the material, including your name, hometown and state. We may modify, reproduce and distribute it in any medium and in any manner or appropriate place. We may contact you via phone, email or mail regarding your submission.

Q:  Can I send my story to other magazines after it’s been printed in Country?

A:  Yes in regards to the submission as written in your words. If your story is edited by our team of professional editors, you cannot present that version for sale to your profit. It is recommended that you inform the magazine to which you’re submitting that your story has been published, along with the name(s) of the magazine and the date(s) of the issue(s) your story appeared in.

Q:  I am an artist and would like to paint one of the photographs in your magazine. Can I have permission to do so?

A: You are welcome to use photographs that appear in Country as models, provided that you are not trying to replicate the image exactly, and that the painting will not be sold for profit. If the work is ever publicly displayed, a placard should accompany it noting the work was “inspired by …” with credit to the photographer and our magazine, indicating where the photograph appeared.

Q:  Our club has a free newsletter that goes out to members. Is it OK if we include one of your articles, because it pertains to our hobby?

A: For nonprofit organization and club newsletters, an article may be reproduced exactly as it appears in our magazine, with a notation that “This article is reprinted with permission from Country magazine. The original article appeared in the [month and year] issue.”



Q:  How do I enter the “Find the Needle” and “Find the Needles” contests?

A:  Please visit the Contest area of our website. This is where we will post all information about winners as well.

Q:  I have searched and searched and can’t find the needle in the latest issue of Country (or the two needles in the latest issue of Country Extra). Can I have a hint?

A:  Here’s the best hint we can give and still remain fair to everyone: Try turning your magazine upside-down and then searching for the needle. Readers tell us this often does the trick.

Q:  Are you sure there’s a needle in your most recent issue?

A:  Yes, we’re sure. Remember, the harder it is to find, the better your chances of winning!

Q:  When I try to enter the needle contest, I can’t choose the current issue. What’s wrong?

A:  Chances are you’re a few days early. Many times we wait until the new issue has started mailing out to update the needle contest. We want to give everyone plenty of time to enter. Rest assured, the new contest will open soon.

Q:  How do I enter the Rural Photography Contest?

A:  The Rural Photography Contest is ongoing and held each year. For information, please visit our Rural Photography Contest page. If we are in the voting stage of the cycle, please vote and watch for an upcoming announcement calling for new entries for next year’s contest. This will appear on the Rural Photography Contest page as well.