Submission Guidelines

We love hearing from our readers! Here’s what you need to know to share your story, photo, question, tip or other submission.


To submit your story and photo, email us at For stories we publish in the magazine, we’ll make a one-time payment of $100 for a full published page or more of your submitted content. Contributors whose jokes and stories are published in Country Chuckles will receive a free subscription to Country Extra.

We are not able to return mail or photos—even if you send an SASE—so please make a copy before you send and keep the original! Most stores with a photo department can help you scan a photo and create a good quality reprint for very minimal cost. To email photos, attach them as high-resolution JPG files (at least 1800 X 1200 pixels or 1 MB file size). Please provide caption information for your photo. Consider what other Country readers would like to know about your photo, such as names, places and why this photo is special to you.

Emailed stories should be sent either in the body of an email or in an attached .doc, .docx, .rtf or .odt file. Word count is not critical, as our professionals will edit your story to fit the magazine. Generally, a published one-page story runs 400-500 words in length. Please submit your stories to

All material is considered on speculation, which means there is no need to send a query first, simply submit your story for review. Our staff cannot acknowledge receipt of submissions, but we’ll let you know if they’re published.

By submitting material to us, you grant RDA Enthusiast Brands, LLC, its affiliates, partners and licensees worldwide use of the material without time limitation, and the right to include your name and city/state in connection with any such use. We may modify, reproduce and distribute your material in any medium and in any manner or appropriate place, including but not limited to magazines, promotional merchandise, and marketing and other related materials. We may contact you via phone, email or mail regarding your submission. 

Frequently asked questions about Country’s Submission Guidelines:

Q:  What’s the best way to share my story or photos with you?

A:  The best way to send us your stories, photos, jokes, and letters to the editor is to email us at Be sure to include your full contact information. Also, photo files need to be jpg files that are 1MB or larger in size.

Another option is to mail your submission to: Country magazine, 1610 North 2nd Street, Suite 102, Milwaukee, WI 53212. Please note that we are unable to return photos or materials, so please send copies only and keep your originals.

Q:  I submitted a story or photos a while back, but I haven’t heard anything. Why?

A:  We get hundreds of pieces of mail each week, and although we wish we could respond personally, it’s just not possible because we have a very small staff. We do read our mail and everything—published or not—contributes toward making Country the unique reading experience it is.

We plan our magazine far in advance, so we often keep material on file for several months. If your submission is seasonal, we may keep it to consider for the appropriate issue next year. We do evaluate submissions very carefully. But unfortunately, there isn’t enough space in the magazine to print and share all of them with our readers.

Q:  I have a comment, not a story. How should I send it?

A:  Email us at, or mail your comment to Country magazine, 1610 North 2nd Street, Suite 102, Milwaukee, WI 53212.

Q:  My question was published in “Can You Help Me?” and I want to share the answer with readers. What’s the best way to do that?

A:  Please take a moment to tell us not only what your mystery object is, or the answer to your question, but please share a little about your experience. For example, did you learn anything about the object besides what it is? What kind of responses did you receive, about how many, and what were some of the guesses people had? Feel free to share any interesting tidbits as well as to offer thanks to the folks who helped you.

Q:  I am a professional photographer and would like to submit photos for publication. How do I do that?

A:  Professional photographers wishing to share a photo for the enjoyment of sharing should selectively send photos in single submissions via email to File size should be 1-2 MB, and please include information about the photo, such as where and when you took it, why the scene caught your eye, a humorous or unusual story behind it, and any other information that would help us write about it.

Professional photographers seeking paid compensation for their photographs should email a link or lightbox of your best photos to