Yosemite Year After Year

As Yosemite National Park Turns turns 125, childhood adventures in the meadows, watching the firefall and, of course, Elmer come to mind.

Grammy Whammies The Ghost

Our family history includes tales of embracing the pioneer spirit—except when it came rumbling down the loft staircase!

Autumn in the North Woods

A journey to the “end of the Earth” came with great fall scenery.

Ghost Towns: Spookiest in the Country

The spookiest ghost towns At Country, we’re fascinated by ghost towns. If you’ve ever visited one of these remote and rugged places, you can’t help but wonder about the people […]

Our Personal Search Engine | Nostalgia Stories | Country Magazine

Our Personal Search Engine

Long before computers and Google, our small-town library relied on the DeRemer Decimal System.

Discover a Bridge to Adventure | Road Trip | West| Country Magazine

Discover a Bridge to Adventure

Summer on Oregon’s Illinois River took my son and me from one swimming hole to the next.

"Beautiful Lamoille Canyon near Elko, Nevada, is my favorite place to go in the fall. the colors are amazing.

Autumn Photos From Around the Country

A touch of cool air marks the start of fall’s color spectacle in this photo tour of our big bloomin’ country.