Best Scenic Roads in America: Blue Ridge Parkway

This gorgeous 469-mile roller coaster is more than a scenic drive; it’s the adventure of a lifetime!

Best Scenic Roads in America: Berkshire Byways

Spectacular hillsides ablaze in autumn colors dazzle travelers on the roads in western Massachusetts.

Our Thanksgiving At Bear Creek

Spending the holiday tucked away in a mountain cabin brought our family closer together.

Five Months Of Thanksgiving Preparations

Holiday season began in mid-July when Grandma-Ma fired up the canning stove in her summer kitchen.

“I happened upon Fairfield Lake at just the right time. The light was perfect and the water was a crystal clear mirror.”

Autumn Photos From Around the Country

A touch of cool air marks the start of fall’s color spectacle in this photo tour of our big bloomin’ country.

Sorry, Who Are You Again? | Funny Stories | Country Magazine

Sorry, Who Are You Again?

Sitting down to supper turned into mystery theater.

George wears his dad’s gold sweater while doing fall chores.

Dear Ol’ Dad’s Sweater

Wearing his faded, stained sweater keeps my father close to my heart.