Lighthouse Preservation in Atlantic Coast Canada

Thanks to dedicated activists, lighthouse preservation along Canada’s Atlantic coast means the beacons will continue to shine.

People and Horses Aren’t So Different

Understanding people and horses aren’t really so different can lead to worthwhile life lessons.

Photographing Flowers and Other Small Wonders

One photographer finds joy in photographing flowers, insects and other tiny elements of nature.

Love of a Mother

The love of a mother who cherished flowers is still on display with each new blossom.

Rural Photography Contest

Now it’s time for the People category of our Rural Photography Contest! Vote for your favorite finalist.

Experience Colorado in Bloom

Experience Colorado in Bloom

Colorado’s alpine meadows invite you to experience a paradise of wildflowers and stunning views.

Spider Surprise in the New House

Spider Surprise in the New House

She wasn’t expecting a spider surprise in her brand new home.

Changing seasons reveal hope

Changing Seasons Reveal Hope

Robins signal changing seasons, lifting winter-weary hearts and spirits.