S.O.S. (Save Our Snowman)

When our beloved snowman came under attack, we taught him to fight back.

2016 Rural Photography Contest- Animals

We’ve chosen the four finalist for the Animals category, starting off the first of four division rounds of our 2016 contest. Help select a winner. Vote now!

Ranger of the Lost Art : Restoring National Park Posters

This former National Park Service ranger turned a chance discovery into a mission to recover the past—one poster at a time.

Our National Parks Photo Contest

Your favorite vacation photos could win $500! Enter today and help us celebrate our National Park Service’s 100th birthday.

When it came to tender loving care, Shorty grew to give just as much as he had received.

Love Makes A Dog Grow

When I fell for Shorty the underdog, I had no idea he’d become such a trusty leader of our pack.

Tracking Animals in the Snow | Animal Stories | Country Magazine

Tracking Animals in the Snow

Tracks reveal the busy lives of animals, and winter is the best time to see them. Master tracker Paul Rezendes tells you how to read these…

Experience Quebec’s Early Settlements | Canada Road Trip | Country Magazine

Experience Quebec’s Early Settlements

Quebec’s log cabins, barns and homes stand as a testament to the spirit of the province’s early settlers.