Northwest To Ulysses

I drove a scraper more than 1,000 miles from Louisiana to Nebraska.

Trail Blazers

Volunteers from all walks of life donate their time (and muscle) to maintain the longest hiking trail in North America.

Take The High Road

If you yearn for adventure with your scenery, try the Jeep trails in Colorado’s spectacular San Juan Range.

Pickin’ At Priddy’s Family General Store

Everyone feels like family at this charming, old-fashioned country store.

Beautiful Weeds: Learning to Love Dandelions

Beautiful Weeds: Learning to Love Dandelions

A child’s innocence wins in one man’s battle for a beautiful lawn and causes him to love dandelions, too.

Country Humor

This is Classic Country Humor

Wife’s hilarious sheep feed mix-up turns her mistake into great country humor.

Childhood Artwork

Childhood Artwork in Mom’s Closet

Rainy day boredom led to colorful childhood artwork on hidden walls.