Moving to Wisconsin: Our Happy Journey Home

Moving to the country was the best decision our family ever made.

Gardening in May Is War!

Spring showers bring May flowers—and a battle against monster weeds and killer ivy.

Spring in the White Mountains, New Hampshire: The Unsung Season

Autumn gets all the glory, but the spring thaw in New Hampshire’s White Mountains reveals a landscape renewed and full of beauty.

Last Laugh: Dad’s Centerline Shuffle

Something about that old pickup put a real spring in his step.

Life Out West

Life Out West is a Dream Come True

From the Midwest to life out west, this family couldn’t be happier with their move.

Funny Childhood Memory

Funny Childhood Memory of Bicycle Race

A neighborhood bicycle race makes for a funny childhood memory.

The Joy of Horses

The Joy of Horses

This couple finds the joy of horses in small miracles around their farm.